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Plans for Children

Plans for Children, arranged by Denplan is designed to allow your dentist to provide the most appropriate dental care programme for your child. This means your dentist aims to stop problems before they arise as well as provide prompt treatment when necessary.

We will see your child at a minimum of six monthly intervals, or more frequently if we need to re-enforce a preventive message.

Plans for Children is a really good way of getting your children used to going to the dentist on a regular basis from an early age.  As part of the plan they will learn about good oral healthcare and will spend time with their dentist finding out about preventive care.  It can help improve the whole experience of going to a dentist for your child.

The monthly fee for this payment plan is based on the condition of your child’s oral health and the amount of dental care they will need.

An important part of Denplan Plans for Children is the supplementary insurance to cover those little mishaps children are so prone to.

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