We aim to provide you with the best quality dental service in a caring, friendly environment and you will notice the care and interest each individual has in their chosen field.  

Private Fee Guide

All our practitioners are well established and have a wealth of dental training, knowledge and experience under their belts. They are continually trying to improve their skills and happily embrace new ideas and techniques.

The following prices are a guide to our charges. By its nature dentistry is a bespoke service. If there are any queries regarding cost, please speak to your dentist or one of our team of professionals.

Initial examination consultation
(to include any necessary x-rays and follow up discussions)    £59.00 (a saving of £20)

Routine examination  £48.00

Hygienist visit  (standard)  £49.00

Extensive course of Hygiene therapy for Periodontal disease  £402.00

X-rays and report   from £29.00

Panoral X-ray and report   £44.00

Tooth coloured Composite front teeth  
Tooth coloured Composite back teeth  from   £108.00

Root Fillings  
Front Incisor   
Back molar tooth   
from  £ 535.00

Recement  Crown/Inlay      £40.00

Recement   Bridge                £67.00

Laboratory based work

Sports mouth protector
Adult    £76.50

Gold or porcelain bonded   from  £607.00
Zirconia / all ceramic ie: Emax/Procera    from  £638.00

Porcelain veneers £561.00

Full dentures £758.00

Metal framed (chrome cobalt) denture from £665.00

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