We aim to provide you with the best quality dental service in a caring, friendly environment and you will notice the care and interest each individual has in their chosen field.

Private Dentist in York.

Fee Guide

All our practitioners are well established and have a wealth of dental training, knowledge and experience under their belts. They are continually trying to improve their skills and happily embrace new ideas and techniques.

The following prices are a guide to our charges. By its nature dentistry is a bespoke service. If there are any queries regarding cost, please speak to your dentist or one of our team of professionals.

Initial examination consultation
£85.00 (to include any necessary x-rays and follow up discussions)

Routine examination  £53.00

Hygienist visit  

Basic  £65.00, Routine  £65.00, Advanced/Site Specific From £260.00

Extensive course of Hygiene therapy for Periodontal disease  £390.00 to £520.00

X-rays and report    from  £32.00

Panoral X-ray and report    £47.00

PPE Charge COVID safe treatment  included

Tooth coloured Composite simple 
£100.00 to £120.00
Tooth coloured Composite complex  from £160.00 to £240.00

Root Fillings  
Front Incisor   
Back molar tooth   
from  £568.00

Recement  Crown/Inlay      from £43.00 per crown

Recement   Bridge                £71.50  to  £117.00

Laboratory based work

Sports mouth protector
Adult    £86

Gold or porcelain bonded   from  £695
Zirconia / all ceramic ie: Emax/Procera    from  £667.50 – £695

Porcelain veneers £675.00

Full dentures £870  to  £995 per set

Metal framed (chrome cobalt) denture from £780.00 per arch

Sleep Clench inhibitor from £270

Sleepwell Anti-Snoring Device from £395

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