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Emergency Treatments

Emergency care during normal hours

If you need an emergency dentist in York, We would be happy to see you to provide treatment.

We endeavour to see dental emergencies on the same day of contact day. It is best to call us as early as possible after 8.30am such that we can direct you into available spaces, however we do understand problems can arise at any time during the day.

It is important we understand the nature of the problem and the degree of urgency, for example if you are in pain or there is swelling present etc.  The reception staff will ask questions relating to this when you contact to ensure we see you as promptly as is appropriate to the problem.

Contact Dunnington 01904 489183   Strensall 01904 490060

Emergency care out of hours?

If you have an urgent dental problem that can’t wait until office hours, please call the practice on 01904 489183 or 01904 490060. You may be redirected to our on call mobile phone such that you can discuss your problem with a dentist.

If you are not registered with the practice we will be happy to see you if it is possible or organise an emergency appointment early the following morning.

What to do with a knocked out tooth

  • Find the tooth immediately (deciduous teeth should NOT be reimplanted)
  • Gently rinse under running water or milk to cleanse
  • Avoid scraping the root and try to hold the tooth by the crown ( the bit you normally see)
  • Replace the tooth as soon as possible. Replace in socket until level with other teeth.
  • Keep the tooth in place by asking the child to gently bite on a piece of cloth
  • Seek immediate dental consultation and treatment. Dentist/ emergency dental service or go to accident and emergency as soon as possible.

In cases where the parent / guardian is not capable of replacing the lost tooth

  • Avoid scraping the root to clean it
  • Do not use disinfectants
  • Carefully put the tooth in a moist environment, preferably in milk. Place in the patients mouth under the lower lip if nothing else is available
  • Seek immediate dental consultation and treatment. Dentist/ emergency dental service or go to accident and emergency as soon as possible.

What to do with uncontrolled bleeding

If you experience uncontrolled bleeding following a dental extraction, please do not panic as dental bleeding often appears much worse than it really is.

  • Bite on dental pack over the wound (usually supplied by us at your appointment) for around 15 minutes. A clean handkerchief or a portion of bandage from a first-aid kit will suffice as an alternative.
  • If the bleeding has not stopped, spit out any blood and repeat the procedure
  • Sit down and relax as exercise may make bleeding worse
  • Repeat as often as is necessary
  • Do not rinse out

If the problem persists after repeated attempts to stop the bleeding, please call for advice. Dunnington 01904 489183   Strensall 01904 490060

Lost Crown

A lost crown needs to be replaced promptly but in most cases the following day will suffice if it is outside normal opening hours. If it is a front crown and there is important cosmetic implications we will consider the need to be seen sooner if you call.

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