Dental Implants in York

Implants are increasingly popular as a means of restoring function and aesthetics to your dental well-being.

Adjacent healthy teeth remain untouched as it is not necessary to grind them down to hold a fixed bridge in place. Small metal clasps around neighbouring teeth are also not required as a supplementary retainer, as is with removable partial dentures.

They seem to be the ideal solution to missing teeth in all situations and indeed this is the case in most scenarios.

However there are very important considerations relating to final soft tissue (gum) aesthetics and other lifestyle factors relating to their prognosis to last long term to which the patient must be fully informed and understanding.

We have worked closely with Dr Steven Byfield at the Raglan suite in Harrogate for a number of years which has resulted in a balanced and caring approach to implants combined with implant best practice. Our patients may discuss matters relating to implants without pressure to pursue this route. Whilst the surgical phase is carried out by Dr Byfield the prosthetic (crown) phase is carried out by us. This enables the patient to have the opinion of two separate dentists and the opportunity to discuss the procedures or options for treatment fully with each.