No Dentist Required

Simply book your appointment with one of our qualified Dental Hygienists. Available at both our Dunnington and Strensall clinics.

Pure Dental Hygiene is an easy to use service offering everyone the opportunity for direct access to Dental Hygienist without the need to see a dentist first.

There's ample free parking adjacent and appointments are available on Saturday mornings for those who find it difficult to attend during the week.

It's easy to make an appointment and there's no need to see a dentist first.

We aim to complement your dental care provided by your own dentist and hopefully together work towards great gum health. We also offer simple cosmetic treatments including regular dental cleaning and air polishing for stain removal.

We would love to see you regularly but we are happy just to see you for a special occasion such as a wedding or before holidays. We can also see adult orthodontic patients before, during and after their treatment.

Scale & Polish

Our Hygienists will do a 'scale and polish' to thoroughly clean and remove all traces of plaque and tartar.

Scaling removes the hard tartar on your teeth, which cannot be removed by simply brushing alone. The polishing stage helps to clean away unsightly surface stains from your teeth, which may have been caused by smoking, or foodstuffs such as red wine, coffee, tea. Regular polishing involves using a rotary brush with a pumice polishing paste. 

Having a regular 'scale and polish' will compliment your tooth brushing at home and help you to maintain healthy gums and teeth.

Treatment of Gum Disease

A package of treatment is often needed to successfully treat gum disease which includes an assessment on the extent of the problem, oral hygiene advice, non-surgical root planning (deep scaling to remove tartar from below the gum margins), general scaling polish to remove staining followed by a review visit.

We may recommend return visits on a 2 or 3 monthly frequency to continue the improvement and maintain the gains in gum health.

In the UK over 50% of the population suffer from moderate to advanced periodontal (gum) disease. More adults lose teeth through gum disease than through tooth decay. This is an entirely preventable disease and its treatment includes seeing and working with a dental hygienist to improve and maintain gum health.

Air Polishing and Stain Removal

At Pure Dental Hygiene we carry out air-pollishing using the Prophy-mate Neo handpiece and FLASH pearl ®.

This is an air driven pollishing system that makes dental cleaning and stain removal easier and more comfortable.

Gum disease near me

FLASH pearl ® is a spherical particulate calcium powder specifically designed to roll smoothly over the tooth surface leaving no area untouched. It quickly and safely removes stains, plaque and calculus to give a sparkling result every time.

gum disease in York

It is particularly good at reaching previously difficult to reach areas such as staining between the teeth.

Orthodontic cleaning

A great idea for both adults and teenagers who want to maintain their teeth stain free during fixed orthodontic braces treatment.

During the period of braces wear, significant staining frequently builds up on the tooth surface around the brackets. Tartar is more likely to form as a result of impaired or difficult cleaning. Decalcification (white and brown) marking also blights many orthodontic patients following removal of the braces and is extremely difficult to correct.

We will work with you to reduce the risk of this by thorough cleaning and using fluoride applications.

Special occasion visits

If you have a special occasion coming up such as a wedding, a family get together or a Prom night why not come for a thorough clean to include air polishing to remove staining. 

Your teeth will not only look and feel great but your confidence might just get a boost.


Initial visit - longer appointment
Includes scale and polish, oral hygiene advice and dietary counselling.
Young Persons Initial visit aged 5-18 yrs
Includes scale and polish, oral hygiene advice and dietary counselling.
Student Initial visit aged 19-23 yrs
Includes scale and polish, oral hygiene advice and dietary counselling.
Regular hygienist visit
Includes scale and polish, oral hygiene advice and dietary counselling.
Young persons hygienist visit aged 5-18 yrs
Includes simple scaling, dietary and oral hygiene advice.
Student hygienist visit aged 19-23 yrs
Includes simple scaling, dietary and oral hygiene advice.
Extended hygienist visit (Double Appointment)
Intensive scale and polish, oral hygiene advice and dietary counselling.
Air polish visit
May Include part routine scaling followed by Air Polishing (Dunnington Only).
Prolonged gum treatment
Full course of gum treatment to include: Assessment, deep root scaling with local anaesthetic, stain removal/polishing and oral hygiene instruction. Over 3 visits plus additional other visits.